Artist Statement

Educated as an environmental scientist, I have been drawn to clay as a creative outlet totally apart from my vocation, yet still connected to the natural world.  My functional and decorative stoneware and porcelain forms are influenced by southwestern Native American and Japanese folk pottery traditions.  I am captivated by the unique surfaces and earthy colors arising from the wood-fire and salt-glaze processes.  By combining strong forms and quiet surfaces enriched by the kiln, I strive to create pieces with a subtle beauty invoking a serene and tranquil mood that inspires contemplation. 

My wood-fired pieces are fired in anagama kilns, using an ancient Japanese-style kiln design and firing process, which require a small community of usually 8-12 potters to load and stoke the kiln with wood around the clock for several days. Each finished pot reflects a collaboration with the fire, the kiln and the collective decisions made by the potters during the loading and firing.  Although I create pieces with certain intentions and decisions, and often start with pots similar to what I have previously made, each kiln and firing condition is different and adds its own unique characteristics and subtle palette to create beautiful finished pots.  Every piece has a story to tell; I invite you to observe carefully and follow its journey.




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