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  1. I’m interested in taking your clay explorations class but didn’t see it in the LBCC class schedule. There was a ceramics I class at the Benton Center but it was full. Is your class a different class under a different heading and would it be possible to register for it?

    Thank you for your time. Karen Fuller

    • Karen — The Clay Exploration class is a community education class and is usually listed under ceramics in the catalog. I think the ceramics I class is listed under art and is a for credit class. The class is currently full but if you come to the first class we can see how full it is and maybe get you in. The Tuesday night Clay Exploration class that is taught by Keith Moses is still open I believe.

      Good luck!

      — Ted

  2. Hello,
    I am a neighbor of yours. I own the mill and the barn where digger creek comes out into the alsea. I recycle old growth douglas fir boomsticks out of the columbia river and i design and create custom furniture. I had always heard about you and wanted to know if you have any classes at your studio on digger mountain. i wanted to drop you a line and introduce myself. I am erick

    • Hi Erick —

      I don’t own the property at Digger Mountain … I do fire with the owner, Jay Widmer, whenever the opportunity arises. You can find out more about Jay and the Alsea Anagama at his website:

  3. Hi, you’re work is beautiful ! So lucky you can wood fire. Noticed your name, thought I’d say hello, my maiden name was Ernst, from Western New York. Jackie

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