Crescent Valley Studios

Assortment of pots from the studio


Recently completed studio and house

The main construction or our studio was completed in September, 2007 and we started working there on Labor Day. The architect was good friend and fellow potter, Anni. Praetorius. Warren Lisser Construction built the building. Friends Dan Arbogast, Gerry and Rachel Brehm, Randy Bender and brother-in-law Dave Segna helped us with the wiring, retaining wall and siding.

Our previous studio was located in the garage




What a change over the cramped garage space we had been working in!  The interior of the new building is divided into 3 sections. Two studio sections and a common space for the bisquing kiln, glazing and storage. The picture below shows the section that is my studio space.

Ted's studio looking northwest

Shelves in the back of Ted's studio

Looking towards the bisque kiln in the common area from Ted's studio

Ware shelves at the back of the studio provides lots of storage for completed pots.

Ware carts and storage shelves separate my studio area from the common space. A wall and door separate my studio space from my wife’s (Sandy Segna Pottery). We have VERY different styles of working and the door and wall help maintain harmony in the studio.

Sandy's studio looking towards the north

Sandy's shields displayed on the west wall of her studio

Sandy’s studio is set up as a hand-builder’s space. Wtih two large tables shelving and a slab roller.  There is alos a fair amount of wall-space available for displaying her shields.


South side of Sandy's studio


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